“I have had the pleasure of studying with Anne for almost 8 years and credit her for introducing me to yoga in a way that has made it a regular part of my life.  Prior to taking Anne’s classes I had taken yoga classes on and off but never developed a regular practice. Anne’s approach, even in a large multi-level class, is very personalized and her attention to my particular practice and hands-on guidance has allowed me to evolve and grow in ways that support my other sports (trail running and cycling), reduced back pain caused by computers and commuting and, most importantly, gave me the knowledge and tools to take care of myself in any class, using the props or alternate poses that are right for me. Having taken a range of classes over the years I have learned that while there are many great yogis and yoginis who can lead a group practice, only a true teacher will help you balance that line of pushing yourself to try new things, while listening intently to your body and its needs in that particular moment, understanding the difference between discomfort and pain and always honoring it.  Anne is that kind of gifted teacher.”

– Tami Anderson, Sonoma, CA

“Thank you for the wonderful class; it was a wonderful experience for me for many reasons, but one in particular I wanted to mention. I had been struggling with a hip injury for several months; the pain was becoming more intense and the muscles were beginning to spasm at night.  I hesitated visiting a chiropractor because money has been tight.  While doing reverse triangle pose against the wall the problem completely resolved itself.  When I was given an adjustment of support for my back leg my left hip just totally relaxed. It was a complete and blissful sensation of release as the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding my hip that had been tense for so long completely relaxed.  I have been away from yoga; the other night I was reminded of the healing and transformative experience of yoga. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for your dedicated service in the teaching of others. Yours in an important work.”

– Margaret Martin, Petaluma, CA

“I wanted to say thanks so much for such a wonderful retreat.  I had an amazing time, met so many great people and feel that my yoga practice improved so much. You are such an incredible and inspiring woman.”

– Jillian Barcham, Ubud, Bali

“I leave our teacher training course with deep respect for your many gifts and talents. You have amazed me with your knowledge and skills, your strength and grace, your calm demeanor, warm smile and your sincere love for yoga. You have brought a deeper dimension to my understanding of yoga and how it relates to my life and to the world. It has been an honor to learn from you.”

– Patti Wick, Santa Rosa, CA