I am passionate about the practice of yoga and embrace and share all that yoga offers: spiritual, physical and mental health and well being; self transformation; deep connection with others; joy; and fun!

Based in Northern California, I teach the practice, history and philosophy of yoga; write and speak on the benefits of the practice; consult to companies, studios, and individual teachers on the business aspects of yoga; and train yoga teachers. I have practice yoga for over 25 years and am a  Registered Yoga Teacher at the Advanced 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance.




Yoga with Anne



Instruction blends precise technique, layered sequencing, creative innovation, and a dose of humor.  Classes are a rich, physically challenging experience that emphasize alignment, cultivate a focus on the breath and conscious awareness, encourage individual modifications, and offer nuggets of yoga philosophy. The practice encourages a full being spiritually uplifting experience.

I offer multi-level group classes, private lessons, therapeutic work, intensives, workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher training courses. Specialty yoga class classes for celebratory life events – weddings, reunions, get-away weekends, and family gatherings in the wine country are available.  




Yoga Studies


An early passion for movement in the study of ballet, loving the rigorous discipline and lyrical quality of dance, led to studies in other  forms of movement. Time, and moves to study and/or work in the financial world, led me to experience yoga in far flung locales including Los Angeles; Bologna, Italy; Istanbul; and London, finding my tribe in a basement class at the Indian Cultural Center in East London led by an eccentric former Sivananda ashram leader. A weekly pilgrimage to study and be in community with yogis from all over London to experience the physical challenge of the asana, stillness and inner peace was the hook that ignited my desire to teach and undertake deeper months long studies in India in the 1990s and immersions in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Flow, and Forrest yoga styles, spiced with Tripsichore Yoga forms. Over the decades, I have had the great fortune to learn from some of the most renowned yoga teachers in the world including, Edward Clark, Rodney Yee, Dona Holleman, Aadil Palkhivala, Richard Freeman, Shandor Remete, Patricia Walden, Patricia Sullivan, and Erich Schiffman among many others. I continue to today to study with Annie Carpenter, Richard Rosen, Betty Roi, Brian Hogencamp and other talented teachers.






My image, interviews, quips and articles have appeared on NBC television, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Yoga Journal, regional public radio, Bloomberg radio, Elle Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Univision.com and other media. I have been honored to be featured in Yogi Times magazine, the Sonoma Sun newspaper, the documentary film YogaWoman, and appear on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine.








Involvement with non-profit organizations focused on education, international
development, yoga, and the arts is important to me and I help organizations expand their reach, innovate and grow programs, improve governance and financial management. I was on the Board of Directors for the Iyengar Yoga Institute for 4 years during the time of transitioning to a revitalized school, relocating and expanding class offerings and faculty members. I am particularly pleased to be an ambassador for The Art Of Yoga Project, a non-profit organization delivering skilled teachers and a curriculum that includes yoga and behavior management techniques to incarcerated teen girls to help them create fulfilled futures.







In addition to my yoga vocation, my day-job in San Francisco serves as an energetic complement, and sometimes counter pose, to my yoga; I am the Executive Director for the Chartered Financial Analyst Society in San Francisco, a non-profit organization creating educational programs for finance professionals and advocating for ethical standards in financial services.

I obtained a BA from UCLA; earned a postgraduate degree in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy; and an MA in Humanities at Dominican University, where I wrote my Masters Thesis entitled Modern Yoginis, detailing the overlooked key contributions of Western women yoga practitioners to the practice of modern yoga.

I’ve been invited to present scholarly papers on yoga and Buddhism to international academic Humanities colloquia at Stanford University and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I do my best to communicate in several languages including Spanish, Italian and Turkish and hold dual European and United States citizenship. 


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